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© Eric Gourlan
On the coast of Tahkuna
near village of Tahkuna, Kõrgessaare parish, Hiiu county, Estonia
March 2001
Image ID: erg-1439

        Photo exhibition "Noga is 15 years old" / Vitebsk 2021

        23 — 27 June, 2021 Noga Creative Union presents an anniversary exhibition of documentary photography as a part of the International festival of photography "PhotoKrok" named Sigismund Yurkovsky.

        For the duration of 15 years, year after year, Noga’s international format is filled with images created by independent authors from different countries, who one way or the other shot or continue shooting in the post-Soviet bloc. This exhibition is a quilt stitched together from the stories that reflect the lives of people, their environment, surroundings and nature in all the diversity of different parts of the world. The common unifying principle of all the authors’ projects is a deep dive into the material, high visual representation, and a sensitive attitude to the characters of the stories and their narrative.

        Art space of the Modern Art Museum.
        st. Tolstoy, 7, Vitebsk, Belarus.
        Tel.: +375 212 61-74-55
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        Oleg Videnin has joined us

        Oleg Videnin

        noGa was joined by Oleg Videnin.

        The first series of works "Portraits from the Outskirts".

        Odessa. Photos 1985

        New photos of Viktor Ratushny has added.

        Psychiatric hospital

        New photos of Alexander Chekmenev has added.

        Sergey Nikolaev has joined us

        Sergey Nikolaev

        noGa was joined by Sergey Nikolaev.

        The first series of works "Russia. Beyond 101st kilometer".

        The working class

        New photos of Alex Melia has added.

        Alexander Shchemlyaev has joined us

        Alexander Shchemlyaev

        noGa was joined by Alexander Shchemlyaev.

        The first series of works "Uhul is the abode of the Dagestan highlanders".

        David Verberckt has joined us

        David Verberckt

        noGa was joined by David Verberckt.

        The first series of works "Frozen Conflicts".

        The nomadic existence of the Mongols

        New photos of Eric Gourlan has added.


        New photos of Emil Gataullin has added.

        In the Ravine

        New photos of Sergey Trapezin has added.

        Traditional life of shepherd family

        New photos of Eric Gourlan has added.

        The Don steppe

        Update a series of photos by Misha Maslennikov The Don steppe.
        The project has been oupen from 2010.

        Sergey Trapezin has joined us

        Sergey Trapezin

        noGa was joined by Sergey Trapezin.

        The first series of works "The Bosporus: Between the West and the East".

        Eugene Kanaev has joined us

        Eugene Kanaev

        noGa was joined by Eugene Kanaev.

        The first series of works "And Quiet Flows the Volga".