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Alexander Chekmenev


location: Kiev, Ukraine


phone: +38(067) 2605550


        Alexander Chekmenev was born 1969 in Luhansk, the city located in Eastern Ukraine.
        In 1988 he started his career as a photographer in a small photo studio in his home town. On the free of work time he photographed people on the streets and homes, who were effected the most by economical crisis after Soviet Union collapse.
        1990-92 he studied at the correspondence faculty of photojournalism at MSU.
        1997 he moved to Kiev, where he works as photojournalist.
        2011 Alexander published a book "Donbass", a visual narrative of 20 years photographic exploration of the Eastern Ukraine. His work has been published in New York Times Lens blog, Time Magazine, Time LightBox, The New Yorker Photo Booth, MSNBC, Quartz, The Guardian, Vice Magazine.
        Photos of Alexander give an intimate and unique insider view on transition of coal mining region in 90-s in Eastern Ukraine. He still continues to document the transformation of his home region Donbass, which is caught up in war now.

        Award & Honors:
        2013 Grand Prix "Photographer of the Year", Ukraine.
        2000 winner of the European competition of documentary photography for the series "Ukrainian passport", Vevey, Switzerland.
        1994 1st prize in the competition "Ukrpressphoto" in the category "New Names", Kiev, Ukraine.

        Solo exhibitions:
        2017 Series"Passport", Folia Gallery, Paris, France.
        2016 Series "Donbass" and"Passport", Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA.
        2014 Series "Mad World", Gallery "Clara Maria Sels", Duesseldorf, Germany.
        2012-13 Series "Donbass", Gallery "Clara Maria Sels", Duesseldorf; Museum "Märkisches Museum der Stadt", Witten, Germany.
        2012 "Street people", Art Center Gallery "Camera", Kiev, Ukraine.
        2010 Series "Donbass", Museum of Modern Art, Perm, Russia.
        2008 Series "Street portraits color photography", photo gallery "Yagalereya", Kiev, Ukraine.
        2007 Series "Black-and-white photography", photo gallery "Yagalereya", Kiev, Ukraine.
        2007 Series "Winners", photo gallery "Irene", Kiev, Ukraine.
        2001 Series "Ukrainian passport", "Lilies", "Blind", "Easter", "Portraits", "Shakhtery", photo gallery in Olsztyn, Poland.
        2001 Series "Ukrainian passport", Zurich, Switzerland.
        2001 Series "Ukrainian passport", "Lilies", "Blind", "Easter", "Portraits", "Shakhtery", gallery "Zameck", Poznan; photo gallery Zielona Góra, Poland.
        2000 Series "Ukrainian passport" and "Lilies", photo gallery in Poprad, Slovakia.
        2000 1st personal exhibition, organized by the magazine "Photography" and the newspaper "Vedminosti Vzhesinsky", Vzvesnia, Poland.

        Group exhibitions:
        2017 Series"Passport", PinchukArtCentre, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2014 Series"Warriors", "LEGACY: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, & The Caucasus", Newcastle, UK.
        2014 "Ukraine in crisis"series from Maidan protests, Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff, UK.
        2011-13 "Invisible Country", Project Liberty.SU, Gallery "White Cube", Omsk; Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History, Tomsk; Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia.
        2010 "Without revolution", 3rd Festival of photo-document, Poznan-Warsaw, Poland.
        2008 "4x4. Modern Ukrainian Photography", House of Photography, Vilnius, Lithuania.

        2010 "Donbass", Kerer Verlag, deu./eng./rus., ISBN 978-3-86828-185-9, Heidelberg, Germany.
        2008 "Chorno-bila photographiya" publishing house "Artbuk", ukr./eng., ISBN 978-966-96916-4-4, Kiev, Ukraine.