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Misha Maslennikov


location: Odessa, Ukraine


phone: +38(050) 7881792


        Misha Maslennikov was born in 1964 in the settlement of Dobroe close to Moscow. Since 2013 constantly lives in the city of Odessa, Ukraine.
        During 1981-1983 years he studied at Art School #75, got the qualification of architectural designer-constructor.
        During 2002-2005 years Misha studied at theological department of Saint Tikhon's Orthodox University.
        In the period of 1985-1992 he worked in reproduction centre of the State Publishing House the "Press" (previous name "Pravda") as a retoucher and an operator of electronic color splitting and color correcting machine. At the same time Misha Maslennikov got experienced in the following fields: photo reproduction, contacts, photomontage, he was busy in graphic, fonts and painting in art studious of Moscow painters Dmitry and Andrey Bisty, Vladimir Brainin.
        In 1993-1998 he worked as an assistant of head of printing department at the design agency of the company "Videoservice", became professional in control of printing process, graphic design, pre-printing photo preparation.
        During 2001-2002 he was engaged as an art-director in the project "" of charity organization The Centre of Help to Development of Orthodox art "Byzantine".
        He began traveling in the Russian North in 2002. The main areas are single expeditions to the places difficult of access, visiting and co-operation with cenobites of active monasteries, sketes, with keepers of ancient temples, pogosts, studying the way of life of modern hermits, anchorites, real intercourse and contacts with backwoodsmen.
        Since the middle of 2005 Misha goes in for field reportage photography and begins thinking seriously about the photographic process as a way of the particular conveyance of author ideas in a missionary vein. At present Misha Maslennikov continues his work on private and public projects in documentary photography, individual and group expeditions according to a given subject, collection of materials, visual ethnography.
        In 2008 he triggered the arrangement of photoclub under gallery "Theophany".
        Since 2010 a member of the Russian Photounion.
        Since 2010 a member of the Russian Geography Society.

        2012 1st place Grand Prix of the All-Russian photo contest "Living Ocean and Coastal Zone" of the Press Center of the Russian exposition at the World EXPO-2012 and Science and Life magazine.

        Solo exhibitions:
        2008 "WE", Gallery "Theophany", Moscow, Russia.
        2012-13 "3 Outskirts: Karelia, Altai, Chukotka", Gallery "GM Photo", Yekaterinburg; Russian Museum of Photography, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia; The First Sevastopol International Photofestival, Sevastopol, Ukraine.
        2013 "Ordinary Photos", Odessa Museum Western & Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine.

        Group exhibitions:
        2007 "Imagine Russia", Gallery "Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House", Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
        2008-09 "Territory of Joy", Rumyantsev Mansion (branch of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg), St. Petersburg; Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, Pskov, Russia; Center for Orthodox Culture, Bialystok, Poland; Russian House of Science and Culture, Berlin, Germany; Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy, Voronezh; The scientific and cultural center of the museum-reserve "Mikhailovskoye", Pskov region; The Nevskaya Curtain of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia.
        2009 "My Favorite Province", Center for Culture and Art "Meridian", Moscow, Russia; Russian Center for Science and Culture, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
        2010 "Indifference", MArchI, Moscow, Russia.
        2011 "We live in Russia", CDC of the South-Western Administrative District, Moscow, Russia.
        2011-13 "Invisible Country", Project Liberty.SU, Gallery "White Cube", Omsk; Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History, Tomsk; Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia.
        2012-13 "Birthmarks on the map", Australian Photofestival "Head On", gallery "The Muse" at the Institute of Photography TAFE NSW, Sydney; The Photo Industry Fair PMA, Melbourne Exhibition Center, Melbourne, Australia.
        2012-13 "200 Faces", Project of the Mobile Photo Exhibition "The Photographic Angle", London Bristol Swindon Birmingham Durham Farnborough Camberley Crowley Greenford, Great Britain.
        2012-13 "Our Stories", Project of the Mobile Photo Exhibition "The Photographic Angle", London Bristol Swindon Birmingham Crowley Slough Bracknell Chester Leeds Newcastle Stockport Croydon Uxbridge Milton Keynes Peterborough, United Kingdom. Series "We'll manage anything!".
        2012 "Urban Environment", International Photofestival "Photo Days Ogre 2012", Ogre Cultural Center, Museum of History and Art, Ogre, Latvia.