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        Noga Creative Union was founded on December 12, 2005 to serve as a Association of Independent Documentary Photographers. Currently 18 photographers are full members in the alliance.
        The purpose of this union is to collect photographic stories, taken in different parts of the world, while preserving the right of each author to express personal vision on any of the chosen topics.
        Activity of this group is focused on research, archival and bearing witness to the events and their causes, while at the same time paying special attention to high aesthetic and informative quality of the imagery. Additionally, this collaboration promotes exchange of ideas, opinions, and personal view points between photographers.
        Existence of this union is not limited to distribution of its news in the virtual world. It extends to the wide range of regional and worldwide events in the form of personal or group exhibits.

        "The image should speak for itself. Absolute silence would be ideal here. Any commentary overwhelms and distorts the image. But people, as a rule, are not satisfied with an image alone: they need text, commentary, discourse. However, there is also a reciprocal relationship between image and text. They are in constant interaction. At first it is rejection, mutual exclusion, then comes a kind of companionship."

​Jean Baudrillard