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Anna Voitenko


location: Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: [email protected]

phone: +3 (8067) 7503358

        Anna Voitenko was born in 1979 in Kiev, Ukraine.
        1997-2003 – she studied at the Kiev Polytechnic University of Ukraine (formerly NTUU KPI), the faculty of electrical engineering and automation.
        2003 – she graduated from art school at the "National House of Artists".
        2004 – she graduated from the School of photojournalism at the newspaper Vechernie Vesti.
        2003-09 – she worked as a photo editor, photographer and photojournalist in a number of media outlets:
        2003-04 – newspaper Abrakadabra, photo editor;
        2004-05 – magazine Beauty Time, photographer;
        2003-06 – newspaper Vechernie Vesti, photojournalist;
        2005-06 – Inter TV channel, photographer;
        2006 – PHL photo agency, photojournalist;
        2007 – newspaper Vechernie Vesti, photojournalist;
        2007-09 – Simvol magazine, photojournalist.
        Since 2009 – she has been an independent photojournalist and collaborates with leading international and Ukrainian agencies and magazines. Anna's photos are published in numerous periodicals and on information resources: Kommentarii, Den, Segodnia, Gazeta po-Kievski, Vechernie Vesti, Zerkalo Nedeli, Kievsky Telegraf, Zhizn, Telenedelya, Argumenty & Fakty, Izvestia, Komsomolskaya Pravda,, Simvol , Sho, Profil, Korrespondent, Ekspert, Fokus, Domus, Nash Dosug, 7+Semya, Telegid, Afisha, What's On, Dfoto, Dcamera, Unian, PHL, AP, AFP, Tribuna, Obozrevatel,
        Since 2012 – member of the Noga Creative Union.

        Awards & Honors:
        2010 – Grand Prix of Best Photographer 2009.
        2010 – Award from the Russian Photojournalism Development Fund 2009. Second place in category of series of Daily Life.
        2010 – NOOR-Nikon masterclass in documentary photography.
        2008 – Official Honorable Mention for the 2008 All Roads Photography Program.
        2007 – Grant from the Swedish-Ukrainian photo project Urban Structures.
        2006 – First place in the Contest of journalistic photography Psychiatry and Dignity of a Person.
        2004 – First place in the competition Reinox.

        Solo exhibitions:
        2008, 2018 – Iza, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine; The Ukrainian Institute of America, USA.
        2010 – T Iluziya (in the installation of Tiberius Silvashi Horizon), Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2009 – Ad infinitum, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2007 – Kyiv Photo biennale, Compassion Education project, Mystetskiy Kurin Art gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.

        Group exhibitions:
        2020 – NoGa Creative Union, Thin Line Photo Festival, Odessa Museum Western & Eastern Art, Odessa, Ukraine.
        2012 – Anticyclone, Apartment 3 Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2012 – Outpost of Russian Photography, a joint exhibition project: the Museum of Organic Culture, Gallery of classical photography, Moscow, Russia.
        2011 – T³ne travi, Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2008 – 4x4 Ukrainian and Lithuanian contemporary photo project, gallery Prospekto Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
        2007 – Urban Structures, Swedish-Ukrainian photo project, Centre for Contemporary Art, Kiev; Dzyga Gallery, Lviv; Kharkiv Municipal Gallery; Exit Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
        2007 – Daily Life, Gallery in Bemov District, Warsaw, Poland.
        2006 – Days of Kiev in Warsaw, National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
        2006 – Psychiatry and Dignity of a Person, RA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2005 – Orange Revolution, Municipal Gallery of the Bemovsk community, Warsaw, Poland.
        2005 – War and Peace in Kiev Streets project, Second International Month of Photography in Kiev, Photo biennale 2005, Grifon Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2004 – Useless Time, Grifon Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
        2004 – Art Photography, Central National Museum-Archive of Art and Literature of Ukraine, Kiev.

        2008 – IZA, ArtBooks Publishing House, Kiev, Ukraine.