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        Alex Melia has joined us

        Alex Melia

        noGa was joined by Alex Melia.

        The first series of works "The north of Turkey". Подробнее



        Eric Gourlan has joined us

        Eric Gourlan

         Creative Alliance NoGa spreads its international borders. In our ranks we have a new photodocumentary French photographer Eric Gourlan.
         His track record is quite impressive. He is a professor of photography and he has experience of teaching at the European institutions. By the spirit he remains an active photographer, actively working as a freelance on his own projects, also working with the OSCE and the various publishers, the last 10 years he engaged in reportage photography in Central Asia and CIS countries. However, the first works that open his page here, are devoted to Russia.

        In 2001, the photographer goes to Lake Baikal and photographs the life of Buryat fishermen around the Holy Nos Peninsula, capturing their everyday life in the series called "Lake Baikal". Cold water and warm fires, physical stress and a short nap, as grandfather's did people take fish from ancient Siberia. Подробнее



        The following series have been updated:
        Mikhail Maslennikov: "The Don steppe", "The lost peace". Подробнее



        New series:
        Mikhail Maslennikov The lost peace, The Don steppe;
        Emil Gataullin Moscow. Подробнее



        The Meshchovsky childhood
        New photos of Mikhail Maslennikov has added.

        The following series have been updated:
        Emil Gataullin: "Province";
        Mikhail Maslennikov: "Moskovia", "Putinki". Подробнее


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