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Emil Gataullin




        As a photographer Im primarily interested in people, their relationships and interactions with each other and with the place they live in. And Im not researching any specific happenings or events, Im just watching whats around me and recording what I see.
        For me, the process of shooting is a search for moments in life that can reveal meaning and beauty in the everyday. Usually I do not plan in advance what and when Im going to shoot, especially when Im at a specific location for the first time. You never know where luck will catch up with you and what corner will reveal a subject for a photograph.
        I'm excited by photographs where one finds not only an interesting subject but also a clear and distinct form. What is important its not only WHAT is shown but also HOW it is shown. The form and substance in photography should create a single whole and reinforce each other. Hence is my intention to unite in photography two elements, the documentary and the art.