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Emil Gataullin


Pinega and Vyya


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        Up river Pinega that flows in the Arkhangelsk region the villages form so called "bushes" Ц 15-20 villages around a central larger town. Mainly characterised by their remoteness and distance from traveled routs. 8 hours drive to the regional center through the taiga via logger roads. The "bus" goes twice a week, this "bus" is essentially a passenger compartment fit to an Ural truck, no other vehicle can go through the local terrain Ц three rivers are to be forded. And that is if the road is in shape, some times, mostly in Spring or Fall, there could be weeks of full isolation.
        The villages are slowly dieing out, some are already completely abandoned. There is no industry, no agriculture. But there were times of state farms, lumber camps and even an airport. Now the young folk is moving to the cities in search of a better life, leaving only the elderly as the permanent residents. Those of the working men who are not drunk yet go on "shifts" (working in the city for weeks at a time). Most of the rest live off unemployment benefits, or even their parents pensions. And there are still times when food and alcohol are acquired with nothing but a promise to pay back sometime.

Emil Gataullin