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Eugene Kanaev


And Quiet Flows the Volga


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        These photos are not part of a project. They have been grouped by their geographical features after many years of my photo observations. They have been taken mainly in Kazan and its suburbs without being bound by any ideology.
        Thirty years ago or now, I cannot see much difference in the way of living. Probably because I am too close to this place and getting older together with this world. True, almost all wooden boats and carts (time was pitiless) disappeared and we completely forgot how to do the new ones. Aluminum boats replaced them, but they were scrapped in the 1990s. Fishing has become a leisure activity for city dwellers mostly. Dacha dwellers and elderly people have accommodated villages on the bank of the rivers. Horses are falling into oblivion, cows are rare in villages, but people are still there, doing their usual things plowing, harvesting, raising their children, blaming on the authorities and remembering their youth. Therefore, a series of photos is called And Quiet Flows the Volga. This is not a single story, but a compilation of moments from the life of villagers and citizens. It is quiet because there is no war, because it has blessing reflections in memories, it is the quiet happiness of the childhood. This series can be continuously added with photos to keep opening doors into that quiet and ordinary life the audience could not see because of their young age.

Eugene Kanaev