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Eric Gourlan




        I have been a photographer since 1992 in the areas of reporting, but also industry and advertising, I am passionate about meeting people and discovering their cultures. I do not like to travel for travelsake, I like to travel in order to show something in images. A testimony is something highly subjective, it is only a specific moment; the relationship between the photographer and his/her environment at that given moment. All of my photographic work is based on time and personal investment. I learn to understand people's lives and try to capture the message. This photographic approach suits me well, and with experience I realized one thing: it is not I who take image but rather the people I photograph who give their picture.
        For the last ten years, all of my work is based on reporting, particularly in Central Asia and countries of the former Soviet Union. I work with institutions, international and national agencies on human rights and the conditions of minorities. I try to make sure that my images are used in a proper way.
        I still use film rolls, especially black and white. My subjects are often monochromatic and when I treat a subject in color, I use cross-processing.